Even the best can get better.

Discover the new formula of our cult serum.

Serum for Face and Eye Contour

Complete Anti-Aging Solution

Experience a comprehensive solution to the signs of time: softened lines, diminished dark spots, a visage imbued with firmness, hydration, and elasticity — all within just eight weeks.

Now rated 100/100 on Yuka. A serum that meets the highest health standards for your skin.

Swiss Excellence and Precision for Your Skin

Nestled in the heart of innovation, The Age Tech’s Swiss-made serum emerged as a breakthrough in anti-aging skincare, courtesy of the visionary minds of Aube Velan and Dr. Ivan de Weber (PhD in Genetics of Aging).

Launched in 2020, our serum brings together 11 potent actives to combat all signs of skin aging. In 2024, our new formula remains true to its roots while reaching new heights in terms of quality standards.

Where Beauty Meets the Luxury of Time: A minute in the morning, a minute at night — it’s all the time you need for The Age Tech to begin its work.

Skincare designed for those who value every moment

We believe that cosmetics should be simple and effective.
We believe your time is too precious to be wasted on complicated daily care.
We believe in transparency and provide scientifically proven results.

The effectiveness of our serum is not just felt—it’s visible: significant reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, lightened dark spots, and a revitalized face, all certified by clinical results.


An easy and quick-to-apply product that covers all signs of skin aging.


Scientifically backed-up results. Up to -63,5% wrinkle reduction after 2 months.


We used pharmaceutical methods to reprogram cells to a younger stage.

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