Common beliefs within the cosmetic area

False beliefs and fallacious marketing arguments have tarnished the anti-aging industry.

Here are a few examples to help you find your way around.

✘ Fake: You need different skincare products to fight skin aging.

➤ Applying too many products and layers can reduce the overall results of anti-aging. Product multiplication is a marketing trick to get you to buy more.

✔︎ Our serum contains 11 active ingredients in one single product to fight all the signs of skin aging.

✘ Fake: User trials are enough to determine the efficacy of a product.

➤ No, clinical measured results are essential. With subjectivity tests, overall satisfaction is much easier to achieve, hence why most brands display those only. The results of clinical trials are not subject to interpretation or manipulation. If a product underperforms, there’s no way to hide it.

✔︎ We wanted to measure the effects of The Age Tech Serum through scientific metrics. And give you numerical results. After 2 months up to: Wrinkle -63,5%, Hydration +75,3%, Firmness +27,8%, Elasticity +22,4%, Dark spot -40,4%

✘ Fake: A product that has been ‘dermatologically tested’ is efficient.

➤ This is a mandatory test to be on the market.

✔︎ We value transparency and efficiency. Our serum has been dermatologically tested and it was proven to be 100% non-irritant with excellent skin tolerance.

✘ Fake: Men and women need distinctive skincare products.

➤ The aging mechanism remains the same for everyone.

✔︎ We focus on anti-aging and effective results – not marketing. Say hello to genderless and simplified skincare into your life.

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