The Age Tech: Epigenetic cosmetics

Epigenetic Modulation of the Skin: An Approach Focused on Regeneration

We formulated an anti-aging serum that stimulates the skin via epigenetic modulation to produce molecules decreasing with age. The objective is to obtain a regenerative effect at the cellular level and to prevent skin aging. This strategy reaches beyond the traditional approach of filling the deficiencies linked to aging skin.

What is Epigenetics?

Finally, epigenetics is the term describing visible changes called “phenotypic” in which the DNA sequences are not modified. Epigenetics affect how genes are read by cells, and then how proteins make them. This process is called gene expression. Epigenetic modulation makes it possible to increase or decrease the expression of genes and their translation into proteins.

Cellular Reprogramming Against Skin Aging

Our active ingredients increase the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. The formulation also works on compounds that suppress the genetic expression of collagen-degrading enzymes. Beyond structural rejuvenation, and visible reduction of wrinkles, the gene expression profile is somehow reset or rejuvenated. Indeed, studies on these compounds show an increase in proteins stimulating regeneration by stem cells. In addition, tumor-suppressing proteins are decreased while the expression of antioxidant enzymes is increased.

Much more than an anti-wrinkle serum, The Age Tech revolutionizes cosmetics by acting on cellular reprogramming towards skin rejuvenation.


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