An optimal Lifestyle to protect the skin from stress and aging

Beyond the nature of cosmetics, their use as well as lifestyle including sun protection, adequate nutrition and proper hydration are of the utmost importance.

Sun protection: be aware of the windows!

Minimizing sun exposure is a well-known advice; a sun protection index of at least 30 is generally recommended. It is also important not to overlook the fact that UVA and B rays penetrate clouds, and that even in the shade, UV rays strike by reverberation. In addition, the windows only protect against UV-B and let through 50% of UV-A, less intense but penetrating the skin more deeply. Ideally, therefore, there should be a cream that protects against UVA and B, during the day.

Nutrition: regeneration from within that should not be overlooked.

The standard approach: supplementation with compounds – normally decreasing with age – that make the skin elastic. Consumption of hyaluronic acid and collagen lead to wrinkles reduction.

The epigenetic approach: consumption of nutraceuticals that induces the skin to produce this type of molecules. Epigenetic modulation through the intake of pine bark extract is interesting in the sense that the latter will activate collagen production and boost hyaluronic acid synthase activity in skin.

Avoid dehydration: sport and binge drinking might compete!

Hydration is essential for overall health. Skin structure’s mechanics make hydration particularly important for this organ. It is important not only to control adequate water consumption, but also to avoid prolonged periods of dehydration which will accelerate the formation of fine lines and increase wrinkles depth. Intense sports activity as well as a drunken night will lead to dehydration. Alcohol notably inhibits the antidiuretic hormone, and therefore leads to severe dehydration. It is therefore strongly recommended to drink enough during and after these activities.

Electrolytes-rich drinks, including sugar and salt, are generally more effective in rehydrating the body than a glass of water. It is interesting to note that there are co-transporters of salts and sugar in the intestines’ walls which will promote water absorption.

Synergistic hydration: the combination of systemic and topical action.

Our anti-aging serum contains active ingredients that significantly stimulate the natural production of hyaluronic acid and collagen, while delivering hyaluronic acid directly to the skin. These two molecules are highly hydrophilic. In addition, the multiple action of our serum on hyaluronic acid is particularly interesting because this molecule is able to retain more than a thousand times its volume in water.

Good hydration will therefore act synergistically with our serum and allow skin collagen and hyaluronic acid to fully fulfill their scaffold function and support dermis ’elasticity, for a suppler and plumper skin.

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