Cosmetics: Much ado about not much

The large ranges of cosmetics offer an abundance of products with specific promises: collagen for plumped skin, hyarulonic acid against wrinkles, plant stem cells for regeneration, various peptides with multiple molecular actions, antioxidant vitamins, and finally plant extracts with virtues each more mysterious than the next.

General Confusion

When reading the package insert for a product that is lost among its peers, miraculous product number 17 will seem just as attractive as number 53 of the same brand; and it is certainly not the latter that will help you decide. Indeed, each product follows its “trend” and for the producers, it would be commercially unfortunate not to benefit from all these sales opportunities as much as possible.

The Jam Toast Principle

It is certainly advisable to eat varied, however, at the level of cosmetics, to obtain a concrete and lasting effect, it is necessary to use it regularly over time and frequency.

If you flood your toast with jam, the bread will absorb it; however it will not work if butter has already been spread on it. It’s the same with cosmetics, there is no point in having multiple layers.

In addition, after choosing between marmalade and honey, theoretically you should wait 2 to 3 months of use in order to decide whether to keep a product or to change it; because it is approximately after this time that the maximum effect is usually reached. So, within a single brand, it would take you between 10 and 100 years to determine the best combination.

Simplicity and Efficiency

The concept of day and night cream remains perfectly valid. It is also essential to provide photo-protection with the day cream and to have an occlusive effect to avoid dehydration via the night cream.

A high sun protection factor is also recommended during the day in all circumstances because UVAs pass through most windows and UVAs and Bs pass through clouds. Shadow, on the other hand, does not protect against reverberation. The combination of these protective layers with the prior application of a serum will have a synergistic effect; however, it is important to wait until the serum has penetrated the skin.

Concretely, a serum first will provide a maximum of active ingredients, then a cream will complement it with other active ingredients, while hydrating and providing protection against dehydration.

At The Age Tech, we want to contribute to a “Skin Minimalist” movement in order to maximize concrete effects by offering you a limited number of products rich in synergistic active ingredients. This is indeed the only practical way to simultaneously benefit from their functionalities and achieve the goal you are looking for.

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